Aug 2007 Storyboards Advil Cold and Sinus
West Post Digital
Jun 2007 Storyboards Luhta - 100 years
(corporate film)
DNA Inc.
Apr-May 2007 Storyboards Rogue Warrior (video game) BrainZoo Studios
Mar 2007 Storyboards Mercenaries 2 (video game) BrainZoo Studios
Mar 2007 Storyboards Love At First Song (feature) Wheelhouse Entertainment
Feb 2007 Storyboards,
Concept Art
King Tut (feature) C3 Films
Oct-Dec 2006 Animatics Love and Honor II(feature) Wheelhouse Entertainment
Jun-Sep 2006 Storyboards,
Concept Art
Dragonsclaw (feature) SilverBarn Productions
May 2006 Storyboards Cisco Systems (commercial) Sandwick Films
May 2006 Storyboards,
Concept Art
Red Tide Rising (feature) InVision MPG
Apr 2006 Storyboards Royal Carribean Cruises (commercial) Jay Silverman Productions
Jan 2006 Concept Art Love at First Song (feature) Wheelhouse Entertainment
Jul 2005 Storyboards Sarang Song (short) MikaMil Productions
Jun 2005 Storyboards Exodus (feature) TVX Productions
Mar 2005 Concept Art Freedom Legion (series) Wheelhouse Entertainment
Sep 2004-Mar 2006 Concept Art,
Treasure Kwest (series) SilverBarn Productions
Apr 2004-Jul 2004 Animatics Gunslingers (feature) Wheelhouse Entertainment
Feb 2004-Apr 2004 Concept Art Fantasy Film (feature in development) Wheelhouse Entertainment
Dec 2003-Jan 2004 Storyboards, Concept Art High Risk (feature)  
Sept 2003-Jan 2004 Storyboards, Animatics Love and Honor (feature) Wheelhouse Entertainment